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How Lottery Funds are Allocated

Over the years, Oregon voters have approved constitutional amendments allowing Lottery funds to be used for economic development (1984), public education (1995) and natural resources (1998). The Oregon Legislature transfers 1 percent of Lottery revenues every biennium to fund problem gambling treatment.


Lottery funds distribution 2013-2015:

  • Public education (57 percent) - Lottery dollars are distributed into four areas within education: the Education Stability Fund, the State School Fund, colleges and universities and bonds. Lottery funds allocated to public education are administered by the Department of Education and Oregon University Systems.
  • Economic development/job creation (27 percent) - Lottery funds are allocated for job creation and economic development, providing assistance for a variety of Oregon’s industries such as: manufacturing, high-tech, agriculture, fisheries, solar, medical, tourism, as well as small businesses. Business Oregon administers these funds and programs.
  • State parks & natural resources (15 percent) - Lottery funds allocated to state parks and natural resources are administered through the Parks and Natural Resources Fund and divided equally between state parks (7.5%) and watershed enhancement/salmon restoration (7.5%). The Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board administers most of the funds for watershed enhancement and restoration.
  • Problem gambling treatment (1 percent) - Lottery funds allocated for problem gambling treatment are administered by the Oregon Department of Human Services and are distributed to programs throughout the state.

County by County Allocation

To see how Lottery funds have been allocated in each Oregon county, choose your county from the drop down on the right of this page.

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